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Goodall-Witcher Home Health Agency
Where Home Care Began in 1939

Home Care, through Goodall-Witcher Home Health Agency (GWHHA), could be the missing link in assisting you on the road to optimal health. Receiving health care in the comfort and security of your home gives you control and peace of mind. Above all, staying at home will enable you to remain with your family during your recovery, preserving your sense of security.

Medicare and Private Insurance

The primary goal of home health services is to help patients get better and regain independence after a surgery or illness. These services are delivered in the privacy of a patient’s home, and may include skilled nursing care, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and some personal care. This type of care is usually less expensive than care in a skilled nursing facility, but is not intended as a long-term care giving program. Medicare will cover most of the cost of in-home care if the patient meets certain criteria and the care has been ordered by his or her attending physician.

Care by Licensed Nurse

Our licensed nurses provide medical care on a technical level, allowing our patients to recover from both illness and injury. Along with skilled medical care, our nurses act as “teachers”, providing our home health patients with information and education about their illness or disease.

Our nursing staff works with patients on improving diet, monitoring new and current medications, understanding treatments and the patient’s plan of care, teaching strengthening exercises, administering catheter and wound care, and utilizing a disease management program. Goodall-Witcher’s nurses also work closely with each patient’s attending physician to ensure open communication.

We also have Home Care Aids to assist our patients with personal care needs such as bathing and dressing, and simple mobility needs like walking, transfers from bed to chair, and exercises.

Rehabilitative Therapy

In addition to skilled nursing, Goodall-Witcher can provide physical, occupational, and speech therapies in your home. Our physical therapy team helps patients increase their overall physical strength. Physical therapy sessions may involve teaching the patient exercises to improve gait and how to successfully move from sitting to standing (transferring); the therapist may also assist the patient with learning to use new equipment like a walker or wheelchair. Our occupational therapy team works with patients to regain independence with the activities of daily living like getting dressed or following directions for a recipe. Stroke or surgery patients may lose some of their speaking abilities, and our speech therapy team helps patients regain the ability to pronounce words and successfully form sentences.

Our Commitment to the Community

Goodall-Witcher Home Health Agency is dedicated to caring for the community through a tradition of excellence. We have been licensed by Medicare since 1984, and provide homebound care to patients regardless of race, color, creed, age, physical handicap or national origin.

Consult your physician, hospital discharge planner, or call us to determine if you qualify for skilled nursing care or rehabilitative therapy in your home.

For more information, please call 254-675-4101