CardioPulmonary Rehab

Performing heart surgery is only half the battle in getting cardiac patients back to a full, active life. Goodall-Witcher has designed a cardiac rehabilitation program to help patients regain strength and endurance after a heart attack or heart-related surgery. Candidates for the program include patients who have had a heart attack in the last 12 months, coronary bypass surgery, heart valve repair/replacement, coronary angioplasty/stinting, stable angina, and a heart or heart and lung transplant.

The program is broken into two parts: exercise training, to help patients strengthen muscles and regain energy, and education and counseling, to teach patients ways to change unhealthy habits. Our cardiac rehab team works specifically with each patient, helping them set and achieve goals all along the way.

Many of our patients see a significant difference in chest pain and shortness of breath, feel stronger and less stressed, and add years to their life.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a progressive exercise and education program for patients with chronic lung disease. The patient is closely supervised while performing an exercise program which is designed specific to the patient, and might include the use of equipment such as stationary bicycles, treadmills, steps and arm weights. Education programs will help patients learn more about their lung condition and how to improve their health.

The benefits of a pulmonary rehabilitation program include an increase in daily energy and activity level, an increase in knowledge of lung problems and how to manage them, a decrease in the number of hospital stays, a reduction in anxiety and a better outlook on life.

Programs are managed and run by a nurse practitioner and a RN.